So you want to learn more about the badass chica behind NEON SOL?

Pull up a chair (or bean bag, or hammock, or other cozy place to set your rump), and check out our creator interview! Don't have that much time and just want to check out 5 random facts that will toootally be used as trivia questions someday in the future at your friendly neighborhood bar?

What was the initial inspiration behind the brand?
The passion for NEON SOL bloomed from a desire to combine three of my favorite things: sewing, yoga, and bright tropical colors. I design and create all sorts of yoga & lifestyle accessories in bold, bright, and vibrant colors. I've been sewing since I was four and began practicing yoga about five years ago, so when I noticed an absence of yoga accessories in the bright neon colors that I love, I decided to work to fill that niche. There's nothing better than yoga on the beach under a bright tropical sun - and that's the feeling I want to capture every time I practice!
How long have you been in business and what inspired you to start?
Although NEON SOL was officially launched July 2020, there was a full year of plotting and laying the groundwork ahead of it. And it wasn't until I was furloughed at the beginning of the pandemic that I had the time to really set the wheels in motion. I've always been drawn to entrepreneurship, following in the footsteps of my mom and grandma - both fiber artists with their own businesses - and my dad who is an abstract artist.
Do you have any prior business experience?
You mentioned you've been sewing since you were four years old - where and how did you start?

Advice for new business owners:
Persistence! Success comes by working on your dreams every day, even if you only have a little bit of time some days. Don't give up, don't quit, keep going. And most importantly? Just start! Don't wait for the "perfect conditions" to begin, start now and you'll be ahead of where you were yesterday.
What's your favorite NEON SOL creation?
Although my product line is ever growing and taking on different directions (so excited for 2022's additions!), my favorite has to be the 2-in-1 yoga straps - my yoga straps are where it all started and everything branched out from there! You can use them to carry your mat to and from class and for stretching in your practice (to lend you a helping hand and aid you in getting deeper into your poses).
I grew up in a very inspiring family: my parents are both artists, my grandparents on both sides were artists, inventors, innovators, and creators - creativity has always been strongly encouraged and nurtured. The 'sol' in NEON SOL is a nod to my cultural heritage (the Spanish word for 'sun') and a play on the word 'soul'. I've always been impassioned by the bright, bold colors found in the textiles of my dad's native Perú. And now I find I’m also inspired by visits to my boyfriend's family home in Puerto Rico. The vibrant colors of both tropical places hold my heart.
[I've always been impassioned by the bright, bold colors found in the textiles of my dad's home country.]

Okay, now time for the good stuff. Give us five random facts about you:
  • I'm left-handed 👍 But when I first learned how to write, I wrote backwards - my reasoning was since I was using the opposite hand of everyone else, that meant I needed to mirror everything they were doing with it 😅
  • I have an extensive sunglasses collection 😎 I have over 2 dozen pairs (as of the time of this writing!) and I keep having to install more shelves in my bedroom to keep them all on display 💁🏻‍♀️
  • my mom wanted to name me Anabel, but my dad said it reminded him too much of Clarabelle the cow 🐮
  • my favorite color growing up was electric blue, followed closely by hot pink (are you surprised by either of these? lol) 💙
  • I have been trained in 6 different types of dance: ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and Irish step dancing 💃🏻 I started taking ballet classes in kindergarten and it remains my all-time favorite - up until the pandemic began, I was still attending adult ballet classes 🩰

All right guys, I think that's a wrap! Do you have any burning questions for Samantha? Maybe you just need to know her favorite type of cheese?! Leave all your juicy questions down below in the comments and I'm sure she'll think of some creative way to answer them all 💭

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