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This supremely soft fabric epitomizes luxury, with its smooth nap and shiny appearance. Because it was such a complicated and expensive textile to make before the industrial loom was invented, velvet has long been associated with royalty. Now it has become a fixture in elevated fashion design and home décor. Stretch velvet is woven with raised, even piles of fiber and a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It's manufactured to be comfortable, form-fitting, and machine-washable.


neon transparent vinyl fabric swatches

Transparent vinyl fabric is a durable waterproof textile that is resistant to moisture and humidity, and is both flexible and tough enough to stand up to heavy use. Because of the durability of vinyl, products made from this material have a long lifespan - yet are also easily recycled. Another positive factor is that 57% of vinyl content is made from common salt, which is a renewable natural substance. Vinyl fabric is also both temperature and UV resistant and can easily be maintained by wiping with a damp cloth and mild soap.



Flat webbing is a very strong fabric tightly woven as a flat strip. It is often found in cars as seatbelts because it consists of solid and strongly woven fibers. It is an excellent choice for high-abrasion applications and is also resistant to mildew and oxidation. Nylon webbing is softer than other types of webbing, making it ideal for applications which require handling the material. Due to nylon's elasticity, the webbing will stretch but recover nicely. When used properly and taken care of, nylon webbing is strong and long-lasting.


neon nylon webbing swatches

Cotton broadcloth (also known as quilting cotton) is a tightly woven plain weave fabric comprised of 100% cotton. It's made from the natural fibers of the cotton plant, which is grown all over the world. After the plant is harvested, the fibers are extracted, cleaned, and dyed before they're woven to make the fabric. Cotton is known for its comfort and versatility, and is conveniently machine-washable.



Cork fabric is a durable and eco-friendly leather alternative. It's stain- and water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber) which is found throughout southwestern Europe and into northwestern Africa. Most cork is harvested from Portuguese trees. Cork oak is unique in its ability to regenerate its outer bark. After a tree reaches 25 years of age, it can be stripped of its cork once every 9-12 years without causing any damage. A single cork oak, which lives up to 200 years, can be harvested over 16 times. A harvested cork oak stores up to 5x more carbon than an unharvested one, as it utilizes additional carbon in the regeneration of its bark. Each year, cork oak forests account for 10 million tons of CO2 absorption!



This hi-vis polyester stretch fabric uses glass bead technology to produce its "reflective" effect. These tiny glass beads work by reflecting light back to the source: incoming light beams bend as they pass through the front surface of each bead and reflect off of a mirrored surface behind it; the beam then passes back through the front and returns towards the originating light source. It's the same technology used in street signs and other safety equipment and clothing. The added 8% spandex content gives this fabric its satisfying 4-way stretch.



Tricot (pronounced tree·ko) comes from the French verb tricoter, meaning to knit. Tricot knits are known for both their softness and durability. Nylon tricot has great wrinkle resistance, does not snag or run easily, will not build up a static charge, and can withstand hundreds of washings. This highly versatile fabric can take on the toughest wear and tear. And with 20% spandex, it's the ideal fabric for dancers, acrobats, and anyone who needs extreme flexibility and comfort in their performance wear. It's also a desirable material for bathing suits due to its abrasion resistance and quick-drying capability.


neon nylon tricot spandex fabric swatches

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